Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lights and PCI

My wonderful hardworking husband has made our home truly spectacular with all of our lighting. Even our SS was impressed. 

Our shower screens have gone in along with the mirrors and our house is looking fantastic. 

Partial Completion Inspection (PCI) was on Monday. That is where we go through with our SS and point out all the things that need to be fixed. Lots of red dots on the walls to indicate paint or gyprock problems. Our bricks need more cleaning. The door to our daughters room does not latch. The mirror in the powder room is way too high. Nothing too major but our house does look like it has chicken pox. 

These photos were taken before the inspection:


Main bath


Party pantry (we will finish it off ourselves)

Theatre room



Colour changing downlights. I like the middle option best. 

Our flooring is due to be laid on Friday. 

Keys in two weeks!

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