Saturday, 4 October 2014


5 month and 2 days from site scrape to keys. What a super supervisor we have. 

The ladies at Masterton were so lovely today helping me get the keys in time for the long weekend. A real asset to the company. Thanks Jim for the lovely bath towels too. 

I left Masterton at 4:30, by 7:15 hubby had done this to our garage...

One of the many reasons he is a keeper. 

I received a call from the carpet company yesterday. Our carpet will not be available until the end of the month. So while hubby was busy working on our shelving, I visited the carpet company and borrowed some samples overnight. We ended up choosing a similar colour is a different range. It is softer with deeper pile. Free upgrade = winning!

Today we took a few trailers of stuff from our garage over to the new place then went shopping for a new entertainment unit and fridge. Both essential for the NRL final tomorrow. I think the flat pack unit took me longer to put together today than the shelves took Daniel to make from scratch yesterday. 

Now for driveway, fencing, grass........

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Come on bank!!!

We were told today that the house could be handed over on Friday. Perfect for the long weekend. 

However, our bank is dragging its heels. They only ordered the inspection yesterday despite getting all the final account paperwork last week. 

We have an awesome mortgage broker and I am hoping he can pull off a miracle for us. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lights and PCI

My wonderful hardworking husband has made our home truly spectacular with all of our lighting. Even our SS was impressed. 

Our shower screens have gone in along with the mirrors and our house is looking fantastic. 

Partial Completion Inspection (PCI) was on Monday. That is where we go through with our SS and point out all the things that need to be fixed. Lots of red dots on the walls to indicate paint or gyprock problems. Our bricks need more cleaning. The door to our daughters room does not latch. The mirror in the powder room is way too high. Nothing too major but our house does look like it has chicken pox. 

These photos were taken before the inspection:


Main bath


Party pantry (we will finish it off ourselves)

Theatre room



Colour changing downlights. I like the middle option best. 

Our flooring is due to be laid on Friday. 

Keys in two weeks!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Love love love my tiles

Our tiling was completed on 25 August. Our tilers were really nice and did a fantastic job. 


Powder Room

Main Bath


The photos do not do my feature cement tile justice. The texture is amazing. I wish I had used it in the main bath too. 

Our painters have started but we have not been in to see yet. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Bench tops are in.

And I love them. 

I am very glad we ended up upgrading to the waterfall edges for the island bench. They look amazing. 

Powder room:
Main bath:
Excuse the mess. Hubby was laying the floor heating. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kitchen and Vanities

Last Saturday (yes Saturday) our kitchen and vanities were installed. 

I am so happy with my kitchen. It is absolutely gorgeous with matt white polyurethane handleless doors. I cannot wait to see it completed with benchtops, splashback and appliances. 

The main bath and ensuite look great too. I wish we had upgraded the powder room from laminate but that 'budget' word reared its ugly head again. 

Ours stairs were also installed last Wednesday. 

They should look awesome with the bamboo and some staining. 

Today I ventured back to Don's tiles as our feature tile had been deleted. I ended up changing from feature tiles to a feature wall. I am using the tile from my kitchen splashback as the feature along one wall and around the corner spa with a grey floor tile and matt white tile on the other walls. I do love the cement look tile. (It looks a lot more grey in real life compared to the photo)

I got a big thumbs up from a lovely couple I met in the tile store who are also building the Masterton Villina. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Roof, eaves, electrical, cladding and gyprock.

Wow, busy busy. 

Since my last post, they completed our roof, put on the external cladding and eaves and removed most of the scaffolding. 

I had big issues with my two horizontal windows off the upper lounge room. One was too high, and the other too low. 

After some discussion with our super site supervisor, he worked some Masterton magic and got the two windows replaced  with one big window. The old windows are out but the new one is not in yet. 

Daniel went in and ran all the cable for our power, lights, data, security and sound systems. There are cables everywhere. I am glad he knows what he is doing. 

Today the gyprock went on. I have only seen photos but it looks fantastic. 


Cladding and gorgeous sunset that sent Facebook into meltdown. 

A little cable

Wired up

Old windows = no view

Hole for new window

New view




'Great' room



Upper lounge (with my yet to be installed window)


Getting closer : )