Saturday, 4 October 2014


5 month and 2 days from site scrape to keys. What a super supervisor we have. 

The ladies at Masterton were so lovely today helping me get the keys in time for the long weekend. A real asset to the company. Thanks Jim for the lovely bath towels too. 

I left Masterton at 4:30, by 7:15 hubby had done this to our garage...

One of the many reasons he is a keeper. 

I received a call from the carpet company yesterday. Our carpet will not be available until the end of the month. So while hubby was busy working on our shelving, I visited the carpet company and borrowed some samples overnight. We ended up choosing a similar colour is a different range. It is softer with deeper pile. Free upgrade = winning!

Today we took a few trailers of stuff from our garage over to the new place then went shopping for a new entertainment unit and fridge. Both essential for the NRL final tomorrow. I think the flat pack unit took me longer to put together today than the shelves took Daniel to make from scratch yesterday. 

Now for driveway, fencing, grass........

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