Saturday, 4 October 2014


5 month and 2 days from site scrape to keys. What a super supervisor we have. 

The ladies at Masterton were so lovely today helping me get the keys in time for the long weekend. A real asset to the company. Thanks Jim for the lovely bath towels too. 

I left Masterton at 4:30, by 7:15 hubby had done this to our garage...

One of the many reasons he is a keeper. 

I received a call from the carpet company yesterday. Our carpet will not be available until the end of the month. So while hubby was busy working on our shelving, I visited the carpet company and borrowed some samples overnight. We ended up choosing a similar colour is a different range. It is softer with deeper pile. Free upgrade = winning!

Today we took a few trailers of stuff from our garage over to the new place then went shopping for a new entertainment unit and fridge. Both essential for the NRL final tomorrow. I think the flat pack unit took me longer to put together today than the shelves took Daniel to make from scratch yesterday. 

Now for driveway, fencing, grass........

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Come on bank!!!

We were told today that the house could be handed over on Friday. Perfect for the long weekend. 

However, our bank is dragging its heels. They only ordered the inspection yesterday despite getting all the final account paperwork last week. 

We have an awesome mortgage broker and I am hoping he can pull off a miracle for us.