Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Roof, eaves, electrical, cladding and gyprock.

Wow, busy busy. 

Since my last post, they completed our roof, put on the external cladding and eaves and removed most of the scaffolding. 

I had big issues with my two horizontal windows off the upper lounge room. One was too high, and the other too low. 

After some discussion with our super site supervisor, he worked some Masterton magic and got the two windows replaced  with one big window. The old windows are out but the new one is not in yet. 

Daniel went in and ran all the cable for our power, lights, data, security and sound systems. There are cables everywhere. I am glad he knows what he is doing. 

Today the gyprock went on. I have only seen photos but it looks fantastic. 


Cladding and gorgeous sunset that sent Facebook into meltdown. 

A little cable

Wired up

Old windows = no view

Hole for new window

New view




'Great' room



Upper lounge (with my yet to be installed window)


Getting closer : )

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