Friday, 27 June 2014

Bricks are done

Well it has been a while between posts and a lot of work has been done. 

Our bricks were started on 30/05. There were delays getting the scaffold up due to some rain but it finally went up and the bricks were finished on 16/06. 

The roof trusses were completed on 19/06 and the gutters and facia went on Wednesday. 

Our bricks were going to be cleaned last Friday. That has still not been done. 

The roof tiles were delivered yesterday and they started putting on the sarking this morning. By this afternoon the main roof tiles were all done. The lower levels of the roof will not be able to be done until the scaffold comes down. 

Daniel is hoping that he can get the electrical rough in done while he is on holidays from his teaching position. Looks like he will be able to get in and get that done now. I hope he realises how fussy I am as a client. 

Here are some photos of the brick progress. 

And with the gutters up...

And our roof being prepared and tiled...

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