Thursday, 24 October 2013

Plans, Land and Parting with Cash...

Well things have finally started to appear like they are falling in place. 

On 6/10/13, the developer submitted the subdivision to the Land and Information Service and our block should be registered 7-10 days from then. I checked on it yesterday and they have requested further information from the developer. Hopefully they provide that soon. The developer is DHA who plan to start building their own houses later this month. 

We had our external colours and plans appointment with Masterton on 16/10/13. We were advised when we got there that we were just supposed to sign off on the plans but we had not been given an opportunity to make changes and there were still a few things wrong. The guy was great and made the changes we requested. By Friday he had our revised plans and new variations ready for us. 

On Tuesday 22/10/13, our Masterton contracts were ready to sign. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, we won't be able to get over to sign them until next Tuesday but Masterton expressed posted them to us so we could send them to our Mortgage broker so he can submit to the bank for valuation. 

It looks like, after all these months, I might have gotten my timing perfect and we might be ready to submit to council as soon as we (and by we I mean us and the bank) officially own the land. 

Our Stamp Duty was also due on 22/10/13. It seems crazy to me that we have been taxed on something that does not even exist yet. If we were getting a home and land package, we would have gotten an additional 12 months to pay on top of the three months from exchange. But then we would have paid SD on the house as well as the land, much cheaper paying it on land only. 

Fingers crossed for registration in the next week. 


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