Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Signing the dotted lines, lots of them.

Today we headed into Warwick Farm to sign our contracts with Masterton. Pages and pages of it. We had a chat with our salesman and asked a few questions but we were out of there in 45 minutes as we had been given the contracts earlier and revised them before our appointment so we had our questions ready. It was all pretty straight forward.

Our plans are now with the engineers who will take about three weeks to do what they do. Hopefully they will work out our additional peering costs (if any) quicker than that.

We will also receive a phone call soon to set up our colours appointment. Looking forward to that and hope I can still afford to buy groceries when I am finished.

In the mean time we will head over to Q Central at Bella Vista to have our air con and alarm appointments as well as select tiles.

We are still waiting on our land to register. It is currently still 'under requisition'. Come on developers, give them what they need.

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