Thursday, 14 November 2013

Pre-construction and more autographs...

I had confirmation today from Masterton that we have officially entered the pre-construction phase. 

There was a lot of miscommunication when we signed our paperwork that appears to have resulted in some delays but all sorted now. 

I am trying to communicate by email as much as possible so things are clear and can be referred back to if needed. 

On another note, after Plan A, win Lotto, did not work out for me, my Plan B has worked. That is the plan where the bank gives me some money and then I give them twice as much back. Our paperwork all arrived today. Looks good but our lovely Mortgage Brooker will come over on the weekend to make sure it is all OK and get it to the bank on Monday for us. Oh well, maybe I can go back to Plan A at some point. 

Bring on the colours, tiles, carpet, air con an alarm appointments. 

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