Friday, 20 December 2013

Off to council, finally! Tiles and movement at the estate.

What a crazy and stressful month.

We had quite a few dramas trying to get all of the paperwork prepared and sent in to council. Things certainly did not move as we would have liked. We had to keep following things up with them and were  reassured time and again that everything would be done "next week". After a month of added delays, we were promised that we would lodge to council before the Christmas break. Then, the afternoon before our deadline, we were sent an email stating that it was not going to happen. 

While we had been informed that we were just waiting for the address to be changed on some paperwork, it turned out that we were still waiting for Basix and landscape plan as well. I contacted management who were straight onto getting everything sorted. True to their word, we were lodged to council on Masterton's last day of the year.

No we can just hope that we get approval before Masterton come back in 2014. That would be a great Christmas present. 

Today we had our tile appointment with Don's Tiles at Narellan. We ended up upgrading the kitchen splashback which was not too expensive. We also upgraded wall tiles in the main bath and ensuite and the floor and feature tiles in the ensuite. Then we made the main bath and ensuite floor to ceiling tiles.

Here are our tile selections:

Kitchen Splashback
 photo F78763B5-8E21-4A37-AA6A-7EAD6888DA33_zpsn4nlp4sc.jpg
 photo A53C229E-567B-4779-8FE2-935C9A6267B7_zpsqai7zpsh.jpg
Laundry and Powder
 photo F7FB6088-91F6-4AB1-9E8B-0625025EEDB5_zpsv9zpnwsi.jpg  photo 097ECA87-2DEC-46F1-A2DD-A5954AFECBAE_zpspwujgjoe.jpg
Ensuite - Feature tiles under mirror and in shower recess
 photo 9CA19BCB-40E1-4768-901C-D39BC942B690_zpstirycdd7.jpg
We could not do out floor selection today as there were no consultants available. I had chatted to them before though so had a fair idea. I grabbed the samples to try against the tiles...
 photo 4AA7D0CD-14E4-4D19-AC2E-8888D7D9444C_zpsegkgiavi.jpg
I may switch my laundry/powder room tile to the same used in the main bath??? We are going back to Don's on 17/01/2014 to sign off so we have time to think. 

Now we can relax over Christmas before air conditioning, alarm, kitchen and furnishings appointment on 15/01/2014 and our colours appointment on 30/01/2014.

Back at our block there is action happening around us. The first slab was commenced around the corner by a private builder with defence houses scraping their sites shortly after. It will be interesting to watch the landscape change. 

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