Friday, 11 April 2014

Less than 20 days

We are so close to something really happening now.

On 28 March we received our Construction Certificate. Unfortunately we were not ready to move to the next stage, construction, because we still needed a commencement letter from the Bank.

Masterton's insurance policies were due to expire on 31 March and our Bank would not give the go ahead until new insurance policies could be confirmed (fair enough). Masterton were unable to supply the new documents until 2 April and then finally the commencement certificate reached Masterton on 8 April.

From 8 April, Masterton now have 20 working days until they must commence construction. This does not include rain days. Day 1 it rained, Day 2, it rained, Day 3, no rain until the afternoon and when a did a drive around the estate (our Friday activity), there was work going on in the other Masterton Villina so I am not counting that as a rain day.

We have had our red pegs since 21 March and I am looking forward to seeing the land scrapped soon.

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